Installations & Products

Designed specifically for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations, Schluter-DITRA-XL serves as an uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane, and vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the tile covering. Further, DITRA-XL performs all these functions while still providing adequate support/load distribution for the tile covering.
Schluter-KERDI is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals commonly encountered in tiled environments. It is resistant to aging and will not rot. Schluter-KERDI is highly resistant to saline solutions, acid and alkaline solutions, many organic solvents, alcohols, and oils.
To ensure that tiled floors last a lifetime, we install proper underlayments, movement joints, and transition profiles. By neutralizing any movement stresses between the substrate and the tile, we eliminate the major cause of cracking and delamination of the tiled surface.
If you would like to integrate constant, enveloping warmth in a new building or renovation project, FLEXTHERM floor heating systems are perfect in every room. Energy-efficient and sound, these systems are the future of natural comfort, from toe to head!
Anyone who has stepped from a warm bath onto a cold tile floor in the winter can understand the value of bathroom radiant heat under tiles.
At Atlantic Tile & Marble we are experts at radiant floor heating systems. We will consult with you to determine wether a circulating hot water system or a ThermoTile® or FlexTherm® electric solution might be best for you.
With 25 years experience, Atlantic Tile & Marble employs only highly trained and enthusiastic craftsmen.
Attention to every detail provides our customers with a finished product which will be admired and enjoyed for a lifetime.